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What is the meaning of FreshChic?

The meaning of FreshChic: are products that provides an eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural alternative for menstruating individuals who want to prioritize their health and the environment.

Are FreshChic sanitary day pads biodegradable? 

Yes, all-natural FreshChic sanitary day pads are biodegradable. They are made with natural materials that can break down within 6 months, reducing their impact on the environment.

Conventional pads contain up to 90% plastic and remain in the landfill for around 600-800 years after disposal.

What are the Ingredients in FreshChic sanitary day pads? 

Certified 100% Bamboo Fiber top sheet, Bamboo Charcoal chip (with anion) and Japanese super absorbency paper

How often do I change a FreshChic pad?

We recommend changing your Fresh Chic pad every 4 to 6 hours, though you can change it more often depending on your menstrual flow.

Day Pad holds 100ml (3.381 oz.)

Are FreshChic sanitary day pads suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, FreshChic sanitary day pads are suitable for sensitive skin. They are made with natural and hypoallergenic materials, making them gentle and non-irritating.

What size is the FreshChic sanitary day pads?

Fresh Chic Day pads are available in one size: 240 mm (9.4 in)

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Where are your FreshChic bamboo fiber day pads made?

We manufacture our Bamboo fiber pads in China.

What is Japanese super absorbency paper?

The Japanese super absorbency paper is from Japan. It’s highly valued for its superior absorbency and softness. When used in sanitary pads, it helps to prevent leaks and provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience for the wearer. This product is 100% Certified and Certified inspected.

What is FreshChic goal?

No matter where we are, our daily goal is to feel refreshed, comfortable and uplifted. With the majority of us having heavy menstrual cycles, fibroids, blood transfusions, iron infusions and other health concerns, our goal is to help women in need all over the world while also keeping our bodies fresh.